Frequently asked questions about hypnobirthing…

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a programme for pregnant women who want feel calm and comfortable and be in control of their birth. The course is 12 hours of learning about how to get the birth you want. You will learn about how your body works during birth, how to make the most of your hormones, how to keep a calm mind, the stages of labour and all the important choices you can make. Check out the Courses section to get more info on what’s involved (link).

Why do you use hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping people to stop smoking or lose weight, but for many it conjures up images of stage hypnotists that make people act like chickens or worse. In fact, hypnotherapy is just words: words used in a positive, more focused way to help people let go of the negative ideas that they have acquired through life. Many pregnant women have heard stories from their friends or family about awful birth experiences, some women will have had negative experiences themselves and most will have seen the awful way birth is portrayed in the media. With hypnobirthing the self-hypnosis is a way to let go of all the negative feelings they have acquired about birth.

When can I start hypnobirthing?

You can start at any point in pregnancy, the earlier you start the more practice you can get in and make positive choices from early on. But hypnobirthing will always make a difference, so it is never too late to start either. Somewhere between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy tends to be an ideal time for most women.

Does my birth partner have to take part?

No, you can do the course without your birth partner, as you will still get positive results from the course. I do encourage birth partners to get involved though, because I think it’s beneficial for them to have all the understanding and knowledge too. The course helps you connect with your birth partner and discuss many important birth choices. The course also covers all about the important role your birth partner plays during labour, birth and beyond.

Do I have to have a home birth?

Not at all. Even though birthing at home is pretty awesome, it is certainly not for everyone and no matter where you give birth, hypnobirthing will help you through it.

I am having a planned Caesarean section, can I use hypnobirthing?

Certainly! You are still giving birth to your baby and you have a tonne of options to explore. The fact that your C-section is planned allows you to make it your own and make it very special. You can message me to chat more about hypnobirthing and C-sections here (link).

Why does the course cost that much?

I understand the course price can seem a little steep to some people, but try to see it as an investment for your birth- much like a fancy pram for baby. Your baby’s birth will stay with you forever – it is one of the most special times of your life. It should be positive and amazing and I can show you how to make sure it is.

If you have any other questions, give me a message.

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