Embracing Birth After Lockdown

By Anna Gibbons 28th May 2021

August 2020

Back in August 2020 I met Emma at her Embrace fitness post-natal exercise class. Lola was 5 months old and we had been in lockdown since she was born. Emma’s classes where great because I could bring Lola and have a great workout, whilst getting to know other mums. I looked forward to class every week, I got to know the mums more and chat to Emma. I mentioned to her about starting hypnobirthing teacher training and she was so pleased for me. It wasn’t long before the idea of working together was thrown out there. We were both super excited about providing a pregnancy class that offered it all!! Emma would provide the mums with gentle stretch and flex exercises to help prepare their bodies for birth, and to help them keep flexible through pregnancy. And I would read through a gorgeous relaxation and give a talk about a different birth topic every week. Over months of lockdowns we chatted online and Embrace Birthing was eventually born.

We had no idea when we would be able to offer our classes to mums in person, but we kept on planning and arranging, and we eventually found our perfect venue. The brand new community recreation room at Shevington football club. The venue is spacious, clean and has all the facilities we could wish for.

Finally, Boris gave the nod for indoor classes to start on May 17th 2021. On that day the first five Embrace Birthing mums entered the rec room. We were all very excited to be out and to be together. Emma started the class with gentle moves for the mums to stretch and build strength. The mums then led down and got cosy with their blankets and cushions to relax to a calming relaxation read by me. We then sat around in a spaced out circle with hot chocolates, and chatted about birth. What was so lovely to witness was the mums chatting together. Some of them far along in pregnancy had spent most of it in lockdown without any support, so to see them supporting each other has made it all worthwhile.

I hope we can keep mums supporting mums for a long time to come. Embrace Birthing classes are on every Monday night at Shevington Football club. If you would like more info drop me a message xx

“Lovely and relaxing, just what I needed thank you.”

Danielle (Embrace Birthing Mum)

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