Firstly, Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It is amazing that our bodies are designed to grow little humans, and I bet you can’t wait to meet yours. But are you a bit anxious about the birth bit?

You are not the only one, lots of women out there have fears and worries about birth- either because of their own experiences, stories from family/friends or because of what they have seen on the media. But your birth does not have to be your worst fear.

The course helps you release your fears and worries, and with tonnes of info provided you can make your own decisions for your birth. After all it’s your body, your birth and your choice.

Own Your Birth!

The course is packed full of logical, helpful and evidence based research. I will help you change your way of thinking about birth and help your understand how amazing your body really is.

The course includes:

• Learning about your powerful mind and how to keep it calm.
• How your body works during birth
• How to prepare your body for birth
• The different birth environments
• All the information to get the best from the NHS system.
• Your birth partners role
• We will discuss special circumstances and how to face them, and still have a positive birth experience.
• The stages of labour and techniques to use

If you book a course with me you also get all these extras:

• 8 hours of hypnobirthing goodness
• A private 1-1 chat – it’s always important to talk through any individual fears or concerns
• My continued support throughout your pregnancy
• A goody bag, the KG hypnobirthing book and an in-depth information pack.
• Your group will be added to a Watts App group, so you can get to know the other parents
• A facebook community group will be available to you, to chat to local parents.
• You will receive a super discount with Embrace Fitness– for all your pre and post-natal exercise.


Course Prices

Group Hypnobirthing Course

At The Healing Well, Chorley

4 week course

Tuesday @ 7.30pm


LOCATION – The Healing well, 17 gillibrand st, chorley, pr7 2ef

Private 1-1 Course

I will visit your home to fit in around your life.


Online 1-1 Private Course

I am very flexible and will aim to fit sessions in to suit you.


(courses are on zoom)

Refresher course £85 (Available for parents who have done hypnobirthing before but need a little refresher. Usually takes around 3-4 hours)

to book fill in the form below

The Healing Well- Group Course

Tuesday evenings I will be at The Healing Well Chorley.

This beautiful building is the home of Chorley Pilates and many other health and well being gurus. I am very excited to be apart of the team.

Check out what’s on offer here

Please get in touch if you want to book a course or have any questions. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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