Baby Jax

Heather shares her story here….

My surges started at 18:30 on Friday night, so I decided to have a bath and time them.

My waters went on the toilet around 21:00. Despite being in pain I really felt in control and I breathed through my surges whilst holding onto the banister on the stairs, this was my go to place.

We rang the delivery suit at about 22:30 and asked for advice. We went in to get checked. By the time we arrived I was fully dilated and he was born at 01:45 on Saturday morning.

I had a sweep the day before labour started and they had booked me in for induction 3 days later.

My other half was amazing, all this time I thought he wasn’t listening, but he coached me through every surge and was just amazing.

My biggest fear of having an awful midwife was gone. My midwife was absolutely amazing, honestly she was unreal. I couldn’t have asked for better. I wanted to hug her!

I am so proud of myself, I felt fully in control and knew what everything meant, which really put me at ease.

Baby Jax born on March 20th, 7lb 1oz

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