Baby Emilia

This is Tania’s experience in her own words…

So on Sunday I had my fourth episode of reduced movements. They offered me induction the next day and said that’s what they would really recommend as baby clearly wasn’t happy with something, but they weren’t pushy at all so I said I’d come for monitoring instead the following day. Anyway when I got home and spoke to Alex he really really wanted to get baby out which I did understand, and baby was still quiet so I rang the midwife I’d seen to see if the slot for induction was still available. I was literally crying all morning about it, but once I got there I was okay.

They told me I was 2cm dilated but slightly thick cervix so would benefit from the gel. Anyway from when they broke my waters with Jasmine (previous baby) I knew I’d go into labour myself, so I refused the gel and asked to go straight to ARM (artificial rupture of membranes). I felt so much more informed because of the course. Finally, I got moved to delivery suite and waters broken just after half 6. They told me I didn’t need the monitors until contractions were really strong.

My night shift midwife came on about half 7 and she was amazing. Told me I can do whatever I want, turned all the lights off and brought some sparkly lights in. She basically left me to it. I asked not to be examined for as long as possible and she said it’s no problem at all. I felt so in control. I just used ‘up’ breathing until 8.30 when my contractions were 3 in 10 mins. She asked if she could start the drip on the lowest level after 30 mins of monitoring because I was still managing fine and talking in between and I just wanted baby out as safely as possible so agreed to the lowest dose. They started that up about 9pm and within 10 minutes I realised I felt loads of pressure and I was kind of fighting against it. I thought I’d try ‘down’ breathing and literally straight away felt her move down, I couldn’t believe how well it worked!! The midwife asked if I had the urge to push and I said yes, so she told me to just follow my body and go wherever I was comfortable. I had been upright on the ball and knelt up all the way through even with the monitoring on as she knew how important it was to me. She lost baby on the monitor a few times but she literally held it for me so I didn’t have to move. Anyway I got right up again over the back of the bed and she was here in 3 pushes I couldn’t believe it! They didn’t tell me when to push or anything I just knew it was sooo different to last time! No stitches or anything needed 💕 it was so so amazing!

After the birth everything went down the pan and I ended up in theatre for 2 hours with retained placenta, which was absolutely horrendous . But the on call consultant came in from home and managed to get the last bit of placenta out. But while I was in theatre one of the ODPs asked me if I’d done hypnobirthing because she noticed me using the breathing. I honestly don’t think I could have got through those two hours without it, I used it as much then as I did during the birth! Xx

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