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Empowering women to stay calm and in control

Hey! I’m Anna and I run Lola Bear Hypnobirthing. I am a radiographer, a mother of two and a hypnobirthing teacher.

I used hypnobirthing with the birth of my second child Lola (affectionately nicknamed Lola Bear). I knew I wanted this birth to be better than my first birth to my son. When I found hypnobirthing my attitude towards birth completely changed and I wasn’t fearful anymore.

Lola’s birth was such an empowering experience, I felt in control and strong, like nothing could stop me. I knew I wanted to help other women feel empowered, confident and calm about their births.

So Lola Bear Hypnobirthing was born!

Being a KGHypnobirthing teacher is supremely satisfying. To be invited into a woman’s life at this special time of pregnancy, knowing that you are going to make it even better, is a huge privilege. Hypnobirthing teachers regard it as their responsibility to tell women everything they need to know to help them have the best possible birth.  If they don’t, it’s possible that no-one else will.

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